About Me


My name is K.D. Sanders and I have built a website based on different ways to make money online. I try and find the most cost effective methods, usually at no cost, and share them with the cyber world.

I know what it’s like to not have money. It sucks and is not fun. I have been homeless before, in fact, I have written an eBook entitled, “Where Did My Life Go? : A Towering Experience” about the time I worked at Tower Records before they went out of business. The short story is available on Amazon for FREE  <==Click Here or Picture There ====>
Free eBook

I wrote another eBook called, “Where Did My Life Go? : Homeless & Out of Business” also available on Amazon  for 2.99.

I have since risen up out of homelessness and now own a house through the power of making money online.  I hope to help you in your pursuit of making money online. Thank you for your time and effort.

homeless memoir

Remember: If you do nothing, nothing will happen… if you do something, something will happen!

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